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We specialise in production and distribution of high quality display systems. We offer a wide range of promotional items, which are designed and made to ensure top quality. These are mostly: rollups, banner stands, exhibition walls and counters.


We are especially proud of our own "made in Poland" production line, which we belive is very interesting alternative to common, Chinese stands.

We can guarantee that all of our suggested solutions are highly durable, carefully made and composed of good elements. 


We offer 6 basic models of rollups and stands whose sizes range from 60×200 cm up to 200×200 cm. As a producer, we are also able to make custom-sized banners to order.


Apart from our own products, we also keep a stock of ready-made, carefully selected and proven, imported rollups.


We use the best media designed for exhibition purposes and specialise in the hig-end quality of print.

We use Japanese MIMAKI JV34 plotters at 720 dpi with 8 one-way printhead passes and 1440 dpi with 16 passes. The obtained print is photorealistic, with clear and sharp details and excellent  colour mapping. There is no "striping" effect even with heavily painted uniform colour background. 

Our rollups and banner stands are printed on Ferrari Stamino 500g banner, it is the best material for banner printing available on the market. It shines slightly and beautifully reflects the colours and details of the graphics. Regardless of how many times it's been used, it does not fray or curl at the edges.

Our prints on Ferrari banners have obtained a B1 low flammability certificate (DIN 4102-B1).


As an alternative, we suggest first-class 240 and 170 micron thick polyester. It is a satin-textured light-blocking film for matte prints.


Pop up displays are our speciality. 

The print is quite hard to make and it requires great experience, high precision and proper printing technology. We print it on separate graphic panels, which form a unified and complete visual effect when mounted on the construction.


Our displays are printed directly onto a special stiff base layer with a light-blocking spacer. Next, the prints are covered with a high quality thermal laminating film. The completed print has a B1 low flammability certificate.


The printing and processing of pop up displays requires high precision.

Properly made, the product will constitute an attractive background for your display, without any bulges, creases or gaps in the graphics.


As a producer who has completed over 2000 pop up displays, we fully guarantee that the delivered product will be of top quality.


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